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What is Nojoto?

Largest Multi-Language Content Platform

At Nojoto, our Vision is to create "Largest Multi-Lingual Content Platform" for the world where language & Technology isn't a barrier for anyone to create and consume content of their choice.

About Nojoto

What is our Goal

Democratize Expression: Billion People - Trillion Stories

We wish to democratize the power of words (Written & Spoken) by enabling a billion people express trillion stories in their language.

Imagine a Digital World, where everyone has a diary to share their emotions & a stage to broadcast their Talent-that is Nojoto all about.

Why Nojoto Exists?

To bridge the language barrier for billions

About Nojoto

Nearly 7000+ Spoken languages are there in the world, out of which 66% of languages are spoken in Asia & Africa.

About Nojoto

India alone has 430+ spoken languages & 22+ written languages, and yet less than 1% of total world wide web’s content is present in the Indian languages.

About Nojoto

A world so diverse and beautiful with different languages, cultures, expressions and yet World Wide Web, which we often call as the Internet is NOT DEMOCRATIZED and largely polarized towards English.

What is our Story

Our Story

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