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Daughters Day | Girl Child

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All over the world where the girl child is not seen with respect and love but with hatred, the girl fetuses are aborted, new-born girls thrown away, the girl child treated badly, given less food and do not take care of their well-being and education. On this day, where people all over the world are talking & sharing their opinion about Girl Child. We as Nojoto Family, let's use our Talent of Quote, Poetry, Photography & Art to create awareness about "Girl Child" and why it is important to not see them, just as Material Objects. Let's use #GirlChild in the Story for this Challenge.

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#GirlChild there should not be any bias between a boy child and a girl child. If you treat them equal in every manner they will do anything

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Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.


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So much more than a Girl, a Human Being

"Can women be easy?
It's better to simplify... perhaps the concept of easy comes out of

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There always comes a moment in each of our lives when we are terrified to step out. We are scared of making a mess, scared of sc

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