THE FINAL DATE.. Written by me.. ***The Final Date

THE FINAL DATE.. Written by me..
***The Final Date***

Sudden noise wakes him up;
Expecting morning tea's cup;
Strangely sees a man unknown;
Who says in a very soft tone..
""I'm here for u.. My dear;
Time has come... Your end is near; ""

Man looks at him with startled eyes;
Sudden silence, stares and sighs;
Somehow dares, manages to utter;
"Who r u?? Whats the matter??" "

The Stranger replies in a strange accent
""I am the agent God has sent;
One's death, One's last moment;
Time is over, You have to go;
Far far from here, You have to go;

Speechless and broken He cries and cries;
Just tears and memories and sighs and sighs;

Last day of life... Oh!!! What an eve;
A painful truth, He wants to deceive;
He doesnt want to believe;
He doesnt want to leave;

Somehow requests in the humblest way..
""Just give me a day!!
.. Just give me a day!!" "

Stranger stands silent;
No response No movement;
Man firmly adamant;.
Begs with disappointment..
Take my money... Everything I'll give;
Just for few hours, I want to live..." """

Stranger replies with dismay..
""There is no ray..
. There is no way..
..You must go..
. You must go..." ""

All in tears, Hopes are shattered;
Money is all, He thought mattered!! ;

Stranger smiles and says..
""Don't understand Humans, their craze; ;
. For money, name and fame, their ways; ;
. Of living Human life, the Golden Days!!!

Don't understand Humans, their regrets;
Human life a blessing, He forgets!!!

Alas!!! A new lesson for him too late;
No time to move on, No time to wait;
A day one would love to hate; ;;
The Final day of life,, THE FINAL DATE!!!!!!

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