Me: "I love you." Her: "Why didn't you say this | Engli

"Me: "I love you." Her: "Why didn't you say this when I was alive?" 💔💔💔 #ekhorrorstory"

Me: "I love you." 

Her: "Why didn't you say this when I was alive?" 



Me: "I love you." Her: "Why didn't you say this when I was alive?" 💔💔💔 #ekhorrorstory

Venue: Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Time: Tuesday. July 12, 2019


Raj (In an apologizing tone): “Sorry, got a little late.”

Vani: “A little late? I have been waiting for you since an hour, Raj.”

Raj: “Ok baba, I am sorry. I promise I wouldn’t be late from the next time.”

Vani: “This is for the 100th time you are making this promise and I am sure you will break it again.”

Raj: “I was at a meeting.”

Vani: “You are not the only one who does meetings. You know what? You just need excuses.”

By now, Raj had understood that Vani was super-pissed at him and he had to do something special to please her.

Raj: “Acha baba how do you want me to make it up to you. Should I sing your favorite song?”

(Starts singing the lines of her favorite song…)

Some girls walk in the room and everything remains…

But when you opened up the door my life completely changed…




There’s beautiful and then there’s you…

Vani (laughing): You know you have a terrible voice.

Raj: Still, you are impressed. Aren’t you?

Vani (saying to herself): I am toh already impressed.

Raj: What???

Vani: Nothing, did you bring Veg Frankie? 

Raj: Sorry, I forgot. 

Vani: I knew it. Expecting anything from you is too much. Thanks for ruining the date. 

(And Vani turns her face away in anger. Seeing this Raj takes out a polythene bag from his backpack and keeps it in front of Vani.)

Vani: “I knew you would do something like this. You liar.”

Raj: “Really, a while back you were hating me and now your decision changed? You greedy squirrel.”

Vani: “You know what I still hate you. Happy anniversary husband.”

Raj: “Happy anniversary wife. I love you.”

Vani just smiles but says nothing. Raj doesn’t understand her blank expressions. So, looks into her eyes again and says again:

“Vani, I said love you.”

Vani (with tears dropping from her eyes): Why didn’t you say it earlier Raj, when I was still alive?


Hearing these words, Raj behaves as if he has woken up from a dream. He looks around, but Vani is nowhere.

Two Years back

Raj in a meeting when he receives a call from Vani. He goes outside and picks it up.

Raj: “Haan Vani, bolo.”

Vani: “What’s up?”

Raj: “I was in a meeting. Why did you call? Anything urgent?”

Vani: “Nothing! I just wanted to tell that I love you.”

Raj: “Seriously, you called me to tell that?”

Vani: “Haan toh?”

Raj: “I was in a meeting Vani. Now, put back the phone. I have to go back.”

Vani: “Not before you say I love you.”

Raj: “Later, I promise when I will be free, I will call you.”

Vani: “Okay busy head! Acha suno I am going to the market…should I bring something to you?”

Raj: “Later Vani, for now I have to go. Bye.”

And Raj quickly disconnects the call.


That was the last time Raj heard Vani’s voice.

Exactly half an hour later he received the news of her death on phone. While coming from the market, a truck hit her activa and killed her on-spot.

Sadly, he didn’t even get a chance to say “I love You” again.


Now, whenever he gets time, he comes here at her favorite place, the marine drive. He sits there for a while, talks to himself, listens to their favorite songs, eats Veg Frankie which she loved a lot, and then leaves.

And he tells her every time: “How much he loved her?”

But will she listen?

Author’s Note:

Sometimes, we take people for granted and think that no matter what happens, they’re going to stay. But life is unpredictable. We don’t know when we lose someone close to us and don’t even get time to say what we want to tell them.

So, if you wanted to confess something to someone you love. Now is the time.

Because, shayad kal ho na ho.

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