This Video Of Burqa-Clad Saudi Women Skateboarding

This Video Of Burqa-Clad Saudi Women Skateboarding Is Winning The Internet
A video featuring Saudi women skateboarding, dancing and singing to a catchy song has taken the internet by storm. Published on December 23 on YouTube, the video titled Hwages which roughly translates to 'concerns' in English, has gone viral and garnered nearly 3 million views in less than a fortnight.The video, created by director Majed al-Esa of the Saudi production company 8ies Studios, features a group of Saudi women going against traditions to take up singing, dancing and skateboarding, has sparked a widespread debate across the world, especially in Arab countries.The bold move by the makers to produce a video on the concept of females breaking gender stereotypes in the largely conservative and male-dominated Middle Eastern country, has miffed many. But nonetheless, the video has reached a widespread audience and the number of views on it is still going strong.
While a lot of people have appreciated the maker's intention behind the video - women empowerment and motivating girls to break gender barriers, others haven't really approved of it. You can see the video here and judge for yourself.

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