It was at the fall of a dusk that we - him and I,

It was at the fall of a dusk that we - him and I, just the two of us, decided to go on a dinner. It was a date, long awaited and long due. He somehow, never seemed to have had enough time for it. But that evening was special for many reasons...and so we resolved to make it even more special for us two.I planned everything. I am the one who does it everytime, though how I wish one day he takes the turn and the table turns...Anyway, I made an elaborate one this time, starting with a long drive and ending on a lavish leisurely dinner served in the most romantic setting of a rooftop restaurant with the soft live music, poolside table under the starry skies. I wanted him to make up for all nights he keeps me awake and all days he drives me mad. This was the first of its kind. I chose the best black dress I had and carefully curled my tresses, I had to appear complementary after all. To confess, it made me a little jittery and nervous. He as always, looked disarming, dressed in his black tuxedo, his lustrous hair combed back neatly, his face radiant, he smiled at me and made me skip a beat with it. That's the power of true love I guess, even though I live with him in the same room and see him each day, he still makes my heart go fonder with every passing moment.
As soon as he saw me, he reached for my hand. And we went on.
At the restaurant, we acquired our reserved table, he seemed quite impressed and so did everyone who saw him. He shot a quick glance to the receptionist first and I could see she was taken by it. He then marveled at the roses kept in the centre and calming blue shade of the pool, he threw an easy relaxed look at the ambience and met each eye with a soft smile. When our order arrived, he darted at the table pleasingly as I served the little morsel in his plate,but he insisted we eat from the one plate instead. I agreed gladly. Amidst our long relaxed talks, he savoured the flavour of every delicacy, especially the Au Gratin, he just loves it. He relished every bite . The chocolate trifle was the best serve of the evening.
We then took to the dance floor and everyone present cheered for us. Not to mention, we made the best couple. But then after a little while, a young lady who has been observing us from quite sometime now finally walked towards us and asked me boldly, if she can have one dance with him. He was awestruck. I oblidged. What else I could have done there! They looked, greeted, smiled, held each other and started to move their toes to the rhythm. She was clearly smitten by his handsome persona and moves. I stood there watching the two, little brooding and applauding at the same time. As the music stopped, everyone stood up clapping at their power-packed performance. She excitedly hugged him tight and said it was the best dance of her life. He responded back warmly. I stood there as a spectator seeing my brute spill his charm on the young beautiful woman.
She came forward to exchange few last pleasantries with me and exclaimed excitedly, how fortunate I was to have him. I looked at him with sheer sense of vanity and pride, as he stood quietly next to me. I wrapped up the conversation with a courteous 'Thank you' in response to her compliment. She waved him goodbye, as we stepped in the elevator.

Finally, my first dinner date with my little infant son accomplished with a memory to savour for a lifetime.

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