Oh love, Ur the only one who is mine Ur the onl

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Oh love,
Ur the only one who is mine
Ur the only one who was mine
Ur the only one who will be mine
Ur my taste of love
Ur like the air I breath
Ur those beats my heart beats
A day without u is like a day without night
The day I meet u was a blessing
The day our relationship started was a gift from god
Sometimes,i just wander how my day passes without you
Because,without you i am like a rose without petals
Moon without shining glister
You became my teacher
You motivated me
You,hold my hand in the dark phase
Without you i m like a honey without sweetness
Ur the angel to my fairy tale
Ur the important character of my diary
Ur the reason behind my cute smile
Ur the Reason behind my everything
Ur the only one who can do any thing for my happiness
The things which you did for me anyone can't
Ur my soul mate
Ur my everything
Without u i cant survive#Quotes #Art #Poetry

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