The purpose of Life.. I always believed that our

The purpose of Life..
I always believed that our lives have a purpose, an objective,
a deeper meaning for which we stand,
a thing that we always believed,

a thing that kept us alive, made us move forward & be happy...

The 'special thing', which only and only we have, and no one else.
And the only 'objective' of life, I feel is to transfer that 'special thing' to others ..
Spread it among people, so that it doesn't die with us... and always remain alive ...

But first you've got to find that special thing in you....
And it doesn't come easy, for this you would have to fail, not once but multiple time...
And only then, when you are broken, you'll realise what you are made up of..
That special thing..

And I believe for me its 'Hope', its to 'Dream', its to 'never give up',
Its to 'keep moving forward no matter what comes ahead'
in the hope that you're going to find what you love and what you want.
Yes. And I want to shout on top of the tower of liberty so that everyone can listen.. and believe that -
its okay to dream.. its okay to hope..its okay to move forward..its okay to fail...You might not achieve everything you dream, but that's okay, do not settle for something average, and always and always keep looking.

And you know what?
This 'special thing', which only we have - each one one of us - is the only most beautiful thing, by which we can serve the world.

Its because the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is, its the most beautiful gift you can give humanity.

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