No doudt, Urdu language is resembles to Arabic. Bu

No doudt, Urdu language is resembles to Arabic. But pure Urdu language differs from Arabic in meaning and handwriting.
Just as the words
Shukriya : thank you
The correct Urdu word is
Not شوکریا
The word
Boht Ziada : Many
The correct Urdu word
Not بھوت
The meaning of بھوت is ghost, horrible creature

The word
Jumma : Friday
The correct word in Urdu hand writing
Not جمع

There are many other words that are misspelled And the true meaning of the word change.
Many lovers of thi s language are eager to speak and understand words, but they write wrong words while writing. They sometimes forget the difference between masculine and feminine.
It's requested of such people please don't destroy the beauty of Urdu language. They write that language what they correctly know

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