Mermaids Read in captions #NojotoQuote Mermaids F

"Mermaids Read in captions #NojotoQuote"

Read in captions #NojotoQuote

Mermaids Read in captions #NojotoQuote

Fanatasy for most of girls
I still remember I may bin 3rd o
class. when I first saw Barbie princess mermaid tale with my friend Shivani. We use to talk about
how mermaid life would be ???

* Hours discussion over it.
as she truly use to believe mermaid exist. I use to tease her for being too dreamy(Even her childhood dream was to me mermaid)

* Dedicting our drawing to mermaids in school in period of drawing although I didn't knew how to draw I use to try hard to compete with her { she very good at drawing. Even won several competition}

As I grown up .I watch Chinese movie The mermaid a realistic take on mermaid( I considered it realistic more than What I saw in cartoon mermaid).
The movie speak
Shan, a beautiful mermaid, attempts to kill Xuan, a businessman, by seducing him first but ends up falling in love with him.

beside this romance it's show how it's affect when we ruin nature to the organism for whom it's there home

Here my take on mermaid why may exist

We study in science Evolution
so it can be happen that some fishes might be evolves as half human

who know but still it's beautiful memory of child

Colourful mermaides their amazing powers always fascinate most of young girls
Including my myself

I still wonder
Is there is life under water
If yes then
are they are enough capable to
not to be fully discovered by humans ??

What you think do share your opinion I would love read opinions of my lovely readers

After suddenly I remembered
Mermaid so I started watching
Korean series legend of the blue sea
which about mermaid and con artist love story

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