Poem by David Lipari. Give it a read! Mad max:fur

Poem by David Lipari. Give it a read!

Mad max:fury road In my mind
A certain madness from the past
It grew from a tiny pool
To an ocean in an instant
Then over time the water dried
And gave birth to a desert
A world of murk and sand
Of fire and gasoline a breath of chrome
Brings you to your knees
Then it's on your way
To the other side
A Mouth full of desert
And a lung full of spray
Makes a shiny boy so happy today
A symphony of flames
Let the blind man see the drums of war will guide your disbelief
Snow white and the seven dwarfs
Jealousy I hate you cause I hate myself
I don't feel good enough
So I choose to waste my time
Abusing others
I used to be so fair
The fairest in the land in fact
But it's all about the newest thing
The latest craze for all to sing about
Oh I'm sick of hearing bout you
All the time
I'm sick of all the songs you sing
You are no friend of mine
You're just the competition
So of my own volition
I remove you from this race
I can't wait to debace your pretty face
I want you out of my company
You steal all the attention
So I'm pulling out the thorn
Lodged in my crown I'm gonna be so fair
Once I have your heart my dear
A precious souvenir
Is all that will remain of you forever.
Psycho Mommas got a thing to say about Everything these days She criticizes what I do Calls them my "wicked ways" She says That I am damaged And was born for her to save Momma got a crazy way to love me She spends the mornings in her chair Rocking to the songs of Fred Astaire And once the night comes she rises up To cleanse the deeds of her sick and wounded pup It's a necessary evil she will say Son you know it has to be this way No one loves you like your mother Your lucky that we have Each other Cause otherwise you'd be alone inside Mommas got a twisted way Of showing that she cares There are no lengths she wouldn't go She's selflessly impaired She says that we are damaged What a kooky pair Mommas got a crazy way to love me Alien The working class are in the dark They've lost their spot on the rescue Ark as long as the suits are taking charge The rags will be abandoned the people will suffer their share of scars With the fare being charged to the poor at large what happens when the meek turn the other cheek The sharks get an entire face to eat The whole wide world stopped making sense a long long time ago The evil dead To be young. And not dead To be free. And well read To be lighter. Than air I gotta say. Its my favorite place To be raising hell at the cabin yeah(2xs) Such love we possess For our fellow guests We should get some rest Cause something tells me that the dawn is gonna be so grand And we're sure to see it I gotta say. Its my favorite place To be raising hell at the cabin yeah (2xs) Oh can't you tell…. I'm a cabin man


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