A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 3) 'Hey, Rohan!Have you h

A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 3)
'Hey, Rohan!Have you heard the latest gossip?',asked Shyaam. 'No..What is it? Is it about Priya?',asked Rohan. 'Not really...It's about Raj and Sakshi...They are a couple now!' 'Hmm..People are falling in love and here I am pining for Priya..!',said Rohan sadly. 'Hey! i have got an idea! Why don't you tell Raj about your feelings for Priya? He can tell Sakshi and Sakshi can tell Priya as they are best of friends.',said Shyaam.

'You are right Shyaam!...I think I will tell Raj about my feelings for Priya.',said Rohan. 'Now you are talking... Good luck.',responded Shyaam. 'Thnx man!.. I need all the luck!',said Rohan and left to find Raj.


Raj and Sakshi were sitting under a tree. 'Hello Raj...Hello Sakshi!',said Rohan. 'Hello Rohan! How are you?',asked Raj. 'I am fine Raj..thnx...but I need to talk to you.',said Rohan. 'Sure man! what is it?',asked Raj. Rohan started speaking then looked at Sakshi and stopped. Sakshi understood and got up and left saying goodbye to both of them.

People who shared love close

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