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So much more than a Girl, a Human Being

"Can women be easy?
It's better to simplify... perhaps the concept of easy comes out of order. Can be easy ofering their love, believe in purety of a word or gesture, easy in taking care, easy to love, easy in believing in magic of beings, in beauty of feelings without grids, easy in believing in kindness and in love facilities.
Does feeling got to be difficult?
It is no more difficult the pretendings that requires coverage?, the tiredness of the arm in rist, the maintenance of the easy spent lie?
Women are not games with difficulties levells. They do not expect invasions of a bunch of players that trade between them secrets of passages. Women are not flesh in showcases, neitheir taxiway vehicles. They are not community goods, neither perishable foodstuffs. Women are human beings. (...) They are not easy women, they are dreaming women. (...)
Let the women decide what they want to do with their bodies, take their decisions (and if they are not capable of taking safe decisions, help them or let they be), to express their feelings as they wish, to live their eccentricities, pains and unities. Let, let they live! They belong to themselves. There is no easy or difficult, there is respect and lack of it. There is trust and cowardice. There is honesty and weed intentions. There is truth and lie. There is giving by giving and there is manipulation to lead to giving. Ugly is not what each do with their bodies, ugly is to deceive, cuss and imprecate. (...)
We need self love and balance to our minds, as we need oxygen for our tissues. Be easy... in closing the door to the lips that lie to you. Follow your inner voice, never deceives you. (...)
Do not chase fairy tales, you could be at the wrong story. Do not get rush to join characters to your story... work hard the robustness of the protagonist. The rest will come. Start your chapter with a powerful "I love me!", I deserve a balanced life, I deserve being with who respects me and cares about me, I deserve being with who helps me grow, evolve. (...)"
In Ana Terra's writings
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