AGGRESSIVE CHESS OPENINGS Mentioned below are seven aggressive che...

Mentioned below are seven aggressive chess openings:
#7 Danish Gambit#6 Cochrane Gambit#5 Scotch Gambit#4 King's Gambit#3 Halloween Gambit#2 Latvian Gambit#1 Fried Liver Attack

My favourite one is not number 7, 6 ( Danish & Cochrane): Because u lose a lot of power early on to gain advantage of a 1/2 moves over the opponent. If you think the opponent is easy then it might work, but if you think that the opponent is sharp, don't play this move.
Scotch Gambit is cool, I generally use this method against a neutral player, who I don't know much and want to see/assess the player.
Fried Liver Attack and in that direction is what looks cool to me. I generally play this, because this opens up a lot of P&C for you to attach the other person, puts other person in pressure and hence makes them think hard and do mistake.
But if the person is intelligent, then you might have to mix n match lot of stuff and try hands on stuff which forces the opponent to make mistake. In a ideal game thats what you force the opponent to do - make mistake in pressure situation.

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