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"THE CAGED BIRD SINGS {Read Caption Please }"


{Read Caption Please }

THE CAGED BIRD SINGS {Read Caption Please }

It was raining outside,
i saw a bird next to my neighbor house
and heard her sing with lots of pain from her cage
She remind me of someone
I never met before .
Though i found her diary when i was on that seashore.

That girl was just thirteen,when
she lured with a guy in his teen .
She never felt or attracted to
Anyone, but this guy was special for sure.
She saw him standing first time
Outside her coaching lane,
Few days he never approached her
But smiled ,
Earlier She was confused
may be that smile was not for her
But for her friend
walking with her all the time .
Though that confusion was just vanished
The day when she was alone and her
Friend was not with her as always.
He smiled again when she passed the corridor.
And thats the first time She smiled too.
Next day when she came out from her coaching ,
That guy slided a chit on her cycle basket .
Her heartbeat was high as she never denies that
She too like his looks and smile .
When she reached home it was late seven
But her heart and mind is flying in a beautiful heaven.
She hided that emotions and that chit too from her family and friends ..
She was not sure whether to call on that number or just throw it out .
Her mind said stop but her heart said go on...
She dialed that number with her trembling fingers.
That guy picked up her call in just one ringer.
His name was mack as he shared ,
She felt nice to listen him so clear .
Mack called her now everyday for a month,
And then he convinced her to meet him once.
She trusted him with his words and agreed to
Be with him next evening before her coaching .
He promised her and told her that he like her a lot
And poor she, just thirteen accepted his thought .
Next evening she gave a bye kiss to her mom
And left her home to meet the one
Whom she liked since one month ...
He was standing as always at the same point,
She waved her hand but he didn't replied.
He slowly indicate her and moved to different lane.
She followed his foot step with an excitement .
Wearing her favorite pink dress with a matching hairband .
Mack reached to the dead end of that road
And she too smiled once she was very close.
There was a park opposite to that road,
They entered inside holding each other hands.
He smiled and said thanks for being with him
She smiled and said, she too wanted to spend
Some time with him as she like him and never
Felt like this before.
After a while Mack offered her a softdrink
Which he carried in his backpack since evening .
She was amazed to see her favorite drink
Given by him.
They were talking for a while
later she finished her soft drink when he looked at her and smiled.
Ten minutes later she felt giddy
She told him let's leave as she was not feeling well,
He agreed and holded her safely to leave that park and reach on the road.
Since then she lost her conscious and faint.
When she opened her eyes it was dark outside.
Her head was spinning like she had migraine .

She called her mother but no reply ,
She herself left the bed to turnon the light,
Now she was afraid as didnt found the switch
But to her surprise , she was not in her house .
She yelled for help, but noone is their to listen her voice.
She reached to the door while she fell too many
Times on the floor.
She banged that door with her tiny hands ,
She was crying but no response from another end.
She was scared , she was in pain
She had no idea what need to do, blood too freezed in her vein.
She sat on the floor next to door in a hope
Someone will found her and opened this door for sure.
She had no clue where she was and how she reached.
She wanted to look around but can't as her room was dark .
After few hours she heard some noise,
Some lady was talking in a raised voice .
In a hope that lady will help her ,she again yelled for help
Though noone listened and noone came.
Hours n hours passed , she needed some water and maybe some food .
She cried and cried and fainted once again but this time coz of her empty stomach pain.
This time she opened her eyes where lights were bright.
She felt immense pain under her thighs ,
She found herself in a shimmery saaree and blouse
She yelled and asked for someone to help..
But noone came and noone liestened ...
This time she was able to recall ,her date with Mack
In that park.
She didn't informed her mom not even her friend,
She realised her fault but now its too late.
She kept locked in a room for whole day
and that lock opened in the night itself.
Someone came and someone will go
This is what she remembered when she left with a numb pain.
That caged bird now sings every night
In a hope that one day she will be out ....

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