#Heartbeat Two eyes met, two hearts got melt, She

Two eyes met, two hearts got melt,
She was his pearl in the alluring sunset.
From dusk till dawn he thought of pearl,
But the pearl could't realise her alluring world.
She was the dream,She was the cream,
He could't live without being seen.
The heart broken , the eyes swollen,
His heart was all stolen.
In the darkness he was all alone,
Sitting like a lifeless stone.

He saw the queen in lights,
He could't remove her from his eyes.
The two eyes again met, the two hearts again got melt,
But in the different alluring sunset.
They were the two wings,
They were like the musical strings.
She was his soft feather,
Whenever they meet there is divine weather.
Never saw each other,
But their hearts were like beautiful feathers.
For some time he was srutinizing the pearl,
But they both promised to together see this divine world.
These two wings get together,
They fly and make this world light further.

Thier love is divine,
They live in a marine.
They both were each other world,
He was now in lights of alluring words.
The pearl he was scrutinizing was his though,
Their love was like white winter snow.
Promises were kept,
Fallacy was swept.
They both lived together,
The two hearts on the white feather.

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