Nojoto: Bringing people together around their comm

Nojoto: Bringing people together around their common interests
We all have different interests & we love to create.- Some create art- Some create music- Some create memories- And others create experiences
Today it’s easy to share what you create with the world. But what’s really missing? Sharing with people who truly understands your creativity, your talent, your interest.Imagine
- You’re in France, writing poems — What if you could share it with poets & poem lovers across the world?- What if your talent can reach people who truly understand what do you & can participate in your life journey?
Nojoto is a platform that connects you to people who share your interests and passions.
- Nojoto users can connect with new people by exploring what like-minded people are sharing in their Interest Club.- Clubs are curated interests such as Art, Photography, Singing, Poetry, Travelling in which you can share stuff that you love.- With interest pages/groups (destinations) being un-categorized, there is a lot of effort required to reach people with similar interests.- By using interest Clubs, Nojoto community has more effortless method of sharing & finding people who have similar interests.- Along with Location feature users can find like-minded people both locally & globally.- Following Clubs & trending tags in your interest clubs curates your feeds & helps you discover more about your interest & like-minded people. There are 32 curated Interest clubs to choose from & they will expand as the Nojoto community grows.- Nojoto users can also find & become leader in their interest — both locally & globally.
So, if you are passionate about your interest & want the world to know you for what you love, just write a story & share on Nojoto.
A story can be text, Images, Videos, or even GIFs. Anything that showcases your creativity & talent.

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