Happy Failure to You ! Only when you're left with the last bread a...

Happy Failure to You !
Only when you're left with the last bread and you are hungry, is then you realise the importance of food.

Only when you've walked on street with pebbles is then you realise the importance of walking on street with grass or flowers.
Only when you've been friends & dated wrong people, you will realise the importance of "people" and accepting them with imperfections. (because there is nothing called wrong)
Only when you embrace the chilly winter with practically no cloths and open hands, you realise the importance of warmth.

Life as you may know, gives us both lemons and sweet.

But we've been taught to aim only for perfection and sweetness, and we forget that...
Sour and bitter are also important tastes, which we should exeperience.
No matter, what their experience is..
They are as wonderful as tasting sweet..
Sometimes more wonderful, because then you enjoy the sweet.. a little better..

I have failed multiple times both professionally professionally and personally.
And I think those were the best things that could happen to me.
Had they not, I wouldn't have realized the "importance" of success in both the lifes.

Only when you break, you realize the craving/need of success.
Failure is a very importance teacher, and I wish each one of you
Happy Failure :-)
May you Fail, and Fail miserably and repeatedly and each and every aspect of your life!
Welcome the failure with open hands, love it, Hug it, Learn from it..

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