Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Fish Merged With Their

Hyperrealistic Paintings Of Fish Merged With Their Surroundings By Lisa Ericson
Lisa Ericson is an artist, illustrator and designer who likes to mix up her paintings by merging animals and environments.She's already made a series of mouserflies, and now she's back with a new series of hyper-realistic acrylic paintings where she combines fish with colorful coral.And as you can see from the pictures below, the results are beautifully surreal. The tails and the fins of the fish she paints are replaced by various types of vibrant coral, and her choice of black background stands as a striking contrast to the wonderfully vivid colors she chooses. Ericson's work is currently being exhibited at Antler Gallery in Portland, which runs until December 22nd.Here website is: http://www.lisaericson.com/

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