WHAT'S LIFE WITHOUT PASSION? Passion is something that you want to...


Passion is something that you want to do and you were meant to do with your life. Everyone has a passion and they can live a full life when they know exactly what their passion is and what they need to do.Success is not measured by money. Even the richest people can be unhappy with their lives. In order to be happy you need to follow your passions, then riches and successes will follow.
There are many ways to look for and find your passion. You can learn what it is by asking yourself a series of questions if you don't already have the evidence. You might have it somewhere around the
house in a hobby, or in a notebook of short stories. Perhaps it's at your local single engine airport sitting in a hangar, or it's waiting undiscovered and in need of life.Oh please! Do give your passion life so that you can live your life to the fullest! Let it come alive in you to keep you from joining the masses of the "living dead."
Find it if you don't already know what it is. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing. If you don't get any answers, this means you have lived thus far secluded from your dreams. You need to find them because encased within them is your passion for living. Become introspective while you hold the belief that as you seek you will find.
Examine what type of activities you enjoy and the people you have the most fun with. Scrutinize your life in a relaxed manner and with the excitement of adventure. Make everything you do in your "passion quest" fun and not a chore. This will get you the answer over stressing out and feeling rushed. Passion can only come to you in an atmosphere of peace and sheer enjoyment. It does not mix successfully with anxiety, fear and doubt.
Once you have found your true passion and you find obstacles stopping you from achieving your dream (most people do) then you must get past them. Anyone can be successful with a passion, which can easily be turned into one's own personal business.
The key to successfully making your passion come alive is to work at it consistently. If you have little time, be committed to a fixed time and stick with it. Keep your excitement alive and soon you'll find more time. However, don't create an imbalance in your life or you'll be running on desperation which is linked to fear. Keep your important family time, relationship with God and work commitments. You'll probably need to financially support your passion until it supports you.
If you cannot get started right away you can do initial planning for your goals. This alone can be exciting. Goals are what brings our passion alive, breathing new life into tired, weary souls who have experienced much disappointment and failure. There's nothing like a good dose of passion to cure the ills of boredom and unfulfillment.
So always keep in mind as your search for your dreams that you are a person worth living your passion. You have the same capabilities as anyone else.
You deserve to be happy and you deserve to live out your dreams successfully.

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