.....BIASED... At the same abandoned coffe shop, W

At the same abandoned coffe shop,
Where we first met,
When it was functioning with all it's staff and people,
Sitting on the same corner table,
Where I proposed you,
Without concealing my love from you and society,
Trying to write to mure our murk memories,
Like "Raj malhotra" did for his love, (BAGHBAAN)
Trying to comprehense our non-pariel love story,
& inspecting it through Shakespeare's eyes.
I've realised that writings has finally became
a nostrum for me to forget you,
&though I'm not good at physics at all,
But, I'm sure that the theory by people,
i.e. love is like a normal on reflecting surface,
At which whatever you'll give will reflect to you,
Is totally wrong.
Instead I've found,
Love is a normal but on a refracting surface,
Where if you 're lucky enough then only you'll get back love,
Or else you'll piss off yourself loving someone else.
& in my case,
I'm from the unlucky ones,
And now as any other heartbroken person,
I became a writer too,
Writing to put all the shipwrecked pieces of my heart,
And trying to endure the pain given by you,
And writing about your good images
Comparing you with rose,first rain,
And killing me and my feelings,
But,I'll keep writing as I promised to you,
Doesn't matter how much it's hurting me,
And,finally just wanna let you know,
That though you broke my trust,
My love is still intact for you,
And you can come again whenever you need a friend,helper and most importantly love.....
-chandra vardhan

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