Priya Asked "where have all the good guys have gon

Priya Asked "where have all the good guys have gone?"

Jai was a Good guy. Priya was a Great girl.

Jai and Priya became friends.

Jai was busy - fetching water for Priya, doing her assignments, laughing at her every silly joke.

Then Rocky the bad guy came along. He was charming. Apart from Priya, he was friends with Ria, Dia, Kia, Piya and Tia.

Rocky played Hockey. He was a Player.

Rocky was busy: driving fast, dancing faster, being the dude

Priya fell for Rocky’s charm.

Jai was not just friend-zoned, he was slave-zoned, ignore-zoned, timepass-zoned.

Rocky enjoyed Priya’s attention until he was ready to move on to Jiya.

Heartbroken Priya asks this question to Jai:“Where have all the good guys gone?”

Jai smiled. Jai was invisible.

Don’t Be Jai. Don’t be Rocky. Don’t be Priya.

Be Yourself.

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