Oilpainting on canvas from a skyline by night in A

Oilpainting on canvas from a skyline by night in Australia. Look at all these little lights and details of this painting. It is not really big so the details are really little. It takes a lot of time to paint all this little but important things in this painting. I like the different things on this sight, the bridge, the skyscrapers and in the front the icefield, this makes this sight interesting. My vather was an architect, I think this is why I am also fascinated from the architecture. Unfortunately he died early! The size of the painting is without frame 40 x 60 x 2 cm and with frame 43 x 63 x 3 cm, the painting was finished on 01.01.2005. This painting has a wonderful white wooden shadow gap frame. Also this painting is painted on the side. You get when you buy this painting a certificate of authenticity with the number, the size and the date of finishing the painting and my signature. I have the list of my paintings with the numbers. This list is carefully preserved.

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