Finally I can share with you all my latest work...

Finally I can share with you all my latest work...
My version of Morgan Freeman ‘semi-hyperrealism drawing’
There is a reason for sharing this drawing. I want to share with you my journey as an artist.
I have always loved Realism art. Especially portraits, it makes me feel like a magician with the ability to bring someone to life on paper. Afterall, it’s all about values (light and dark), no matter if it’s monochrome or colours. The more values you can see, the more layers you can create to achieve greater depth (from very simple sketch to realism to hyper-realism). But the deeper I go, I realised I can only go so far in terms of skill and would always be limited to this art form. Whereas, in abstract art, I could free my mind, draw and paint with no restrictions in terms of choice of colours, line, form and texture. It is a great joy to let the mind flows wherever the heart desires. I hope my paintings could bring calm, joy and harmony to everyone and inspire more people to see things from different perspectives and learn to let go.
A quote that I would love to share with everyone.
Simple yet meaningful.
“We all want to be different, which makes us all the same.”

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