#inktober 19th: Cloud Original Signed Piece --- A

#Inktober 19th: Cloud

Original Signed Piece --- Available --- $30

Journal Entry:

I have always been a HUGE fan of surrealism. It combines my loves for absurdity and beauty. At my most ambitious I wanted very much to be a surrealist. So when the muse strikes I try to delve into the philosophy and paint, or draw, in this case.

As a boy i would lay in my back yard and look at the clouds and try to form images out of the random shapes floating in the sky. An exercise that still use today. I can see images in swirls and patterns. Images that become all to real in my minds eye. Making them effortless to paint.

The minds eye has a power that your other two do not. Manifestation of one;s thoughts. A power that has served me well. A power I continue to train.

Thanks for reading.

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