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Can you write a sad romantic story?



Year 1938, West Bengal, British Raj India

"Who are you dressing up for, didi? Arnab?"

"Shut up"

"It's Arnab Da, isn't it? I knew it"

"Shut up, mom is going to hear you"

"Does he even notice you? He is a soldier in the British army, you know, they meet with beautiful angrej girls in England. He isn't going to notice you"

"Shut up, shut up, I know what I am doing"

"We are just their poor neighbor, we don't even belong to the same class..."

"Ufff...baba...just shut up"

In the neighborhood house-

"When are you going to be mature, Pravash? You are 16. I already joined the army in your age"

"Thanks for your lecture but you are not my father so please don't try to be one. I am not impressed with your British army thing. It may be cool thing in your social life but I am not impressed"

"Do you think that I do this because of social life? I do this because after the death of our father, I had to do this. Otherwise we wouldn't have survived. Our property was captured by our relatives. Now I have worked really really hard to reach here. In British army, Indian army regiment are together. There is wonderful brotherhood. We take care of each other and it helps to fight against British army's racist insult. They don't even train with us. We have seperate post largly where none wants to go. In world war we would be sent to France. This is my only opportunity to be home before that"

"As I said before I am not impressed. We should be fighting the British not fighting for them"

"Very good. But how do we do that? Who is going to put food on the table?"

"You are a coward"

"Yeah, easy for you to say because you didn't have to do anything. You are becoming a spoilt child"

"I am sixteen. I am not a child"

In the evening garden party in Arnab's house-

"Aabe, Arnab come here, who is that?"

"That's our neighborhood girl, Asha, that's her house, Sher Ji"

"Wow! Arnab Babu, you didn't tell me that you have such beautiful neighbour, huh! choopa rustom!?

"No, she is just a neighbour"

"Just a neighbour, huh! Don't tell me that. Look at her. She is looking at you"

For the first time, Arnab, really looked at Asha and thought to himself, "Wow, she is looking really beautiful in that blue sharee"

Suddenly, he heard a known voice.

"Arnab, you are home, you didn't sent me any letters. I am angry towards you"

"Who is this pretty girl, Arnab Ji? Introduce to us"

"She is Sulekha, my father's friend's daughter. She is studying law in England. Very brilliant student. Currently in Kolkata for vacation, isn't it? This is Captain Hardeep Singh. He saved my life number of times in the battlefield"

"Please to meet you too, Captain Singh"

"Pleasure is all mine. Ha, ha, Mr Arnab isn't too bad either. I believe he has bright future. Ha, ha"

In the meantime, Asha was only looking at Arnab from distance. She was feeling a bit of jealous seeing Sulekha so close to Arnab.

"What are you looking at, Asha?"

"Oh! How long are you standing behind me, Pravash, don't you know that's not very gentlemanly"

"Your Arnab isn't interested in you. His head belong to Sulekha. Don't you know that they meet with each other in England. You poor soul"

"Do I ask for your lecture? You are still a boy, Pravash. You should act as your age"

"Please, you are only two years older than me. Infact girls your age get married to an old guy all the time. You are lucky that you are still unmarried. Maybe because your mother is very soft. Plus I have told you before that I love you. Why don't a girl love an young guy for a change? I maybe young boy but I am very matured for my age. By the way, you are looking really gorgeous today in that blue sharee"

"Pravash, please go away, you are bothering me"

"Why because I am not good looking like Arnab? You are choosing the wrong man"

"You are not a man. You are a boy. Please don't disturb me"

"What is going on here? Is Pravash disturbing you?"

"No. No. How can I? You are the man. Apparently you can have two girls. I can't even get one"

"Pravash, don't talk nonsense, what's going on?"

"Please, don't listen to him. He is still a child"

"I am very sorry for my brother's attitude. He is becoming spoilt lazy. I have to do something. By the way, you are looking very beautiful in that blue sharee"

"Thanks" (with red face)

"Arnab, who are you talking to?"

"Oh! She is Asha. She lives in that house"

"Oh! Why don't I introduce myself? Hi. I am Sulekha. You already heard that. What you didn't hear from Arnab that we are engaged"

Asha felt a strong slap on her face. She tried to handle it as calmly as possible but couldn't.

Sulekha saw that and she took Arnab from there saying, "Excuse me, Asha, Arnab and I need to talk something"

Before going away with Sulekha, Arnab smiled at Asha for one last time.

Asha ran away from there and went to her room and beginning to cry.

Pravash saw everything and felt even bad for himself. He was feeling extremely jealous. He was thinking to himself, "God, what do I do to make this stupid girl to notice me? What can I do to make her see that I am a man not a boy. God. Please. Help me" but then he looked himself on the mirror and he too realised that he looked like a sixteen years old boy. Not a man that he was hoping to be. He threw away the paper weight in anger.

Next morning-

"Didi, didi, open the door, Arnab Da is looking for you?"

"What?"Asha quickly jumped infront of the mirror and quickly checked herself.

After opening the door, she asked her sister, "What's going on? Why is he here?"

"I don't know. Why don't you go and find out?"

Asha came to the guest room.

"Asha, look Arnab has come to our home, sit and talk to him, let me go and see what I have in the kitchen?"

"Don't bother yourself with that, aunty. I am just here to have talk with Asha"

"Please, you came to our home, let me see..." Asha's mom went to kitchen.

"Look Asha, I am apologizing for my brother's behaviour yesterday. And also I thought Sulekha was very rude to you as well. We were just talking and she came and took me away. By the way, we are just friends. I am not marring her. She got that in her head that we are going to get married. We just went to one party together in London nothing else"

"Look I don't want to get between you and her. She obviously loves you. She is so beautiful"

"Don't talk about her. Tell me something directly, Asha, do you like me?"

Asha was completely dumbfounded. She didn't know what to say. It was lingering like that for a while.

"Please don't answer that. I understand that I probably overstep my bounds. I am apologizing for any inconveniences. I completely misread the situation. I will go now. I hope you forget that these awkward conversations ever happened"

After he went away, Asha thought to herself, "Stupid, stupid, stupid"

Her mom came and said, "What happened? He has gone?"

Asha angrily said, "I don't know" and she went to her room and shut the door.

Her mom said, "I don't understand these girls"

Few days later-

"Asha, what happened between you two?"

Asha saw Pravash was standing behind her.

"Go away please. Don't disturb me now"

"You don't know!???"

"What are you talking about?"

"Sulekha and my brother are engaged to each other. They weren't before. But now they are"

Asha could not stop herself from crying.

Pravash came quickly and hugged her tightly and said, "Don't worry. I will love you forever"

Asha got angry and slapped him and said, "You are becoming very bad, you know that. You don't even respect your elder. You are just a precocious vulgar little boy who is trying to act big. I am never going to love someone like you" and she ran away from there while crying.

Pravash looked at the sky and said, "Great job to earn my trust. God. I am not going to believe in you anymore. You can go to hell"

Asha was crying the whole night and thought about suicide once or twice but didn't have the nerve to do that either.

One month later-

Arnab was going away for France tour with his military buddies. This would be dangerous. She thought that she should say goodbye for the last time and she heard that he was going to marry Sulekha in London before going to France. She wanted to get closer.

She knocked on the door and saw that Sulekha opened the door. Sulekha obviously didn't please to see her. She said to her directly, "What do you want?"

Asha said with a lot of internal fear, "Can I talk to Arnab Da?"

Sulekha said, "He isn't home. Plus I don't want that you are meeting my would be husband. So don't even try to meet him"

Asha didn't like Sulekha's tone, she angrily replied, "Not much confidence there, isn't it?"

Sulekha angrily said, "If you try to come near Arnab again then you won't like the consequences" in saying she shut the door infront of her face.

Asha felt someone was hammering her heart.

She again cried all night and promised to herself that she won't make another mistake again.

Next day-

Sulekha returned to London. They were going to marry there. She had to go early to prepare.

Arnab had some other engagements in Kolkata. He was going to London next day.

That night-

Sulekha went to the house from behind door which was opened all the time because of the servants.

She straight way went to the room where Arnab was sleeping. And knocked on the door. As soon as Arnab opened the door, she kissed him very passionately.

At the beginning Arnab was surprised but then slowly but steadily he joined her. He picked her up and shut the door.

Pravash saw everything from his room which was in opposite row. He had a knife and he cut his skin little bit with that knife in order to punish himself. He was crying pushing his head towards the bed. Blood was all over the bed.

In the morning-

Both of them were spooning on the bed. Arnab was kissing very softly her neck. And said to her in a low voice, "Why didn't you tell me before?"

Asha said, "I was confused and shy and I thought you loved Sulekha. I was really confused, shy and stupid"

Arnab slowly was touching her naked back and said, "You are stupid, aren't you?"

She said, "What are you going to do now?"

Arnab said, "What else? I have to now marry both of you"

She said, "Stop it. I have got you after so much. Please don't say things like that"

Arnab said, "Relax. I was only joking. But I have to go tomorrow France directly"

Asha said, "I don't want you to go"

Arnab said, "I don't want to either but I have to because a lot of people are depending on me and they will be also without their wife and near and dear ones"

Asha said, "When will you be back?"

Arnab said, "Hopefully after six months. I will marry you then"

Asha said, "Please, you won't remember me then. You are going to fall in love with those white girls"

Arnab said, "Ha, ha"

Asha said angrily, "Please don't laugh"

Next day-

Pravash was hospitalized because of blood draining. He was in coma. Everyone was surprised.

Doctor said that he would take atleast one day to recover.

After recovering from that incident Pravash didn't want to show his face to anyone and went to Darjiling to read in a convent school.

Six months later-

Today Arnab would be back. Asha could not sleep for a while. She was looking at Arnab's letters to her. But last two letters didn't come to her. She was little anxious.

She heard the knock on the door. She smiled and opened the door and saw a man standing in army uniform with a gloomy face.

She realised what he was about to say. She couldn't hear a single word from him and slowly but surely, she lost consciousness.

6 years later-

Pravash was grown man. He actually grew up a lot. He worked in a store to help himself as part time job. His heart was still in Kolkata. He wanted to get back badly.

He returned to Kolkata to his home and found that Asha's family moved out from there.

He was always interested in freedom fighting so he finally got the opportunity to do that when he saw Ajad Hind Fauj requirements was going on.

He decided to join.

They soon left north India to fight against British army. British was already weak from world war so this battle was becoming easy for them. They were realising that freedom wasn't far away.

One day there was a huge battle going on between British soldiers and them. Bullets were flying everywhere. Unfortunately couple of passengers got killed as well in a shoot out. Arnab was realising that his bullets were ending. He suddenly saw one gun lying beside a dead British soldier. He quickly went there. Suddenly, he saw someone was crying with tremendous pain and he saw that it was Asha. She was in saffron sharee. She became a disciple of Swami Vivekananda and took the oath of celibacy.

A bullet went to her abdomen. She won't be alive for very long.

Seeing her like that Pravash lost his head, water was coming out of his eyes like rain. He took her head on his thigh and couldn't say anything to her except crying.

She smiled looking at him and said with a lot of pain, "I am sorry. Pravash" in saying this she lost all the life energy.

Pravash didn't know what to do and suddenly a bullet came flying and penetrated his head and Pravash's lifeless body got flat beside his only love.

A few years later India got its independence from British. Gandhi ji become father of the nation and Jawaharlal Nehru become the Prime Minister of India.


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