What makes you come ALIVE? What do you do daily

What makes you come ALIVE?
What do you do daily to make yourself feel alive?
a) You Facebook ? - where you see your friends status - like them - update some emotional/funny status/picture and wait for people to like it? You might be digitaly alive, but...
b) You change your job ? - and feel that "Oh! Its awesome - New people - New place - This feels alive"
Do you really feel alive? Or after a week, you again feel like you are dead ?
c) You change relationship, make new friends, meet new people - and feel that you are alive?
Do you really feel alive after it? You will soon be feeling dead
d) You change your place - travel to a new place - try and get settle and then feel the change, so that you can feel alive for some days ?
No change - No entertainment - No amount of going out makes you feel alive - unless you sit with your ear turned inwards -to your heart - hear what it says - your true calling.
You feel alive only when you find what you want to do with your life - what you like to do in life - what is that one thing which will not bore you if you do it for whole your life.
Find what you love and let it kill you !
For me it was, still is and will always be Cricket. The joy of standing in the sun for whole day for that one Catchm, which you will take by diving to your left and catching it in tip of fingers. Bowling 30 overs, reading the mind of the batsman, where is he looking to hit, what will be his next move, what is going on in his head... and throwing that slow off-spin instead of leg spin - confusing him - an edge flying off to first slip- and caught. The joy of that wicket can't be compared to any other thing. I can do that whole my life. I was born for it.
It is the same joy which a mountaineer gets when he reaches the peak of a mountain and stabs the flag in the head of mountain. Looks down with the thought that "Yes I have done it !"
The emotion of following your passion is the feeling - Yes I have done this ! What Next ?
This makes a person strong from inside to take on different and bigger challenges in life. Only who is truly passionate can describe atleast 10-20 years of his life. Otherwise, a person who lived for others - meeting others expectations, finishing his day so that he can eat his bread - ask him to describe 10 best days or 10 best moments in his life and he will be speechless.
So, if you truly want to fill your life with experiences - if you don't want to be confused and speecless on your dealthbed - Follow your heart - Do what your heart wants - Be Passionate !!

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