I wrote this article back in Feb for a client. Wor

I wrote this article back in Feb for a client. Worth sharing over here.

Being fair in 10 days', may sound impossible at first but it is possible with certain tips. It is you, who is going to contribute most in this 10 days' journey. If we manage to remove bacteria and oil sitting on our skin, we can get fairer skin. Tips given below can do the magic,
1. Healthy food is key to fair skin, stick to a diet plan, consume food with proteins and nutrients, do not even think of junk foods. Consume food at regular intervals. Include salad and juice to your diet. Start your day with lukewarm water mixed with honey, it purifies the body internally. Consume fruits which are high in Vitamin C. Drink coconut water.
2. Drink water so that your body is always hydrated. Dehydrated skin creates more oil on skin to make up for missing water.
3. You have to avoid alcohol, smoking and other such things.
4. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day, body cells repair themselves when we are asleep.
5. Have green tea twice or thrice a day. Do not consume green tea after meal.
6. Use sun-screen lotion at least 20 minutes before leaving into sunlight, cover your face, arms, eyes. Don't let a single sun ray fall on you. If possible, avoid going into direct sunlight.
7. Now comes the application part, any cream, paste or lotion gives its best effect when applied before going to bed because our skin has ample time to get the desired effect however it does not mean we do not apply anything in the mornings.
8. Apply curd mixed with honey and lemon juice, leave it for 15 minutes and wash your face, it will leave your skin glowing. You may apply Baking soda with water, it works as cleansing agent. You may apply Aleo Vera to your skin, it has anti-bacterial properties.

If above tips are followed, you can realize the difference in your skin after 10 days which once seemed impossible.

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