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STORY 0001
Magic Spell
Part 3
(Read on the caption below)

STORY 0001 Magic Spell Part 3 (Read on the caption below)

Magic Spell PART 3
The Boy sat on the back of pegasus and started to fly to reach to the village. After he reached , he started convincing the villager that he can defeat that witch. But it was very difficult for the villager. He asked them about the place where he can find that witch. But none of them told him anything. The day passed and night came. At mid night he saw an old woman walk throughout the street. She came near that boy chanting some mantras. The boy couldnt do anything thing as he had losses his control over his body. The witch started laughing vigorously and said you little creepy boy. You will defeat me. Haa.. The boy said yes. She said ok. She freed him and gave him a dagger to kill her. The boy stabbed dagger on her stomach. But she was laughing as nothing happened. The boy got an idea and sprinkled magic spell on that dagger and stabbed again on her stomach. The old witch started crying in pain and ran out of that village and never came back. The very next day the surpanch of that village awarded the boy for saving them from witch. The boy was adopted by the surpanch. He started living happily with his new family.

The end

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