Who told you that Life is a race? Life isn't a rac

"Who told you that Life is a race?"

Who told you
Life is a race?

Who told you that Life is a race?

Life isn't a race and never was, It's just a perception of few, that others too relates with themselves. Life is all about living every moment instead of running for for moments, leaving behind many amazing moments.
Life is like you wake up every day and goes to a park for a morning walk. There you see people doing different things, some are running, some walking slowly, some sitting on benches and enjoying the view, some lying on grass doing yoga. Everyone has its own way for his workout, but you see nobody is there for race with anyone. Similarly "life is a race" is just a perception of few. Life is enjoying every moment with joy, experience every bit of living that you may miss while living in a race. Just live the way you want, there is no hurry, no race ahead, just enjoy the life in the way you want.Life is beautiful in every moment all you need is to take joy from those moments, life gives you every experience every weather, like changing weathers life also have different moments, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes happy, sometimes tense but it also teaches you how to deal with these phases of life. It gives you experience of every situation that you can't run through, yes it can't be denied that there is no any race in life, yes that can also be a need of phase/moment of life but only for that very situation, that doesn't makes your life a race.
So Life isn't a race, and if someone tells you that his life is like a race that means he was just going through a phase where life is teaching him how to run, or maybe he wanna get out of that situation as soon as possible.
Just live and enjoy moments, don't waste these moments in running.
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