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#nojoto #hindiwriting #heartbroken #shayari #dpf टूटे दिल से संगीत निकलता है, दिल का कचूमर निकालने पर शायरी।. Follow Satyam Singh. Download Nojoto App to get real time updates about Satyam Singh & be part of World's Largest Creative Community to share Hindi Writing, Hindi Poetry, Hindi Quotes, Hindi Shayari, Hindi Poem, Hindi Jokes, Hindi Comedy, Hindi Memes, Hindi Stories, Hindi Whatsapp Status, Hindi Good Morning Status, Hindi Good Night Status, Art, Painting, Hindi Songs, Hindi Singing and Photography. A Creative expression platform. Poetry By Satyam Singh | Nojoto Poetry on Poetry, Nojoto, Shayari, heartbroken, hindiwriting, dpf. Poetry Poetry, Nojoto Poetry, Shayari Poetry, heartbroken Poetry, hindiwriting Poetry, dpf Poetry


5 months ago

#nojoto #hindiwriting #heartbroken #shayari #dpf

टूटे दिल से संगीत निकलता है, दिल का कचूमर निकालने पर शायरी।

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Satyam Singh

Written By : Satyam Singh

a poet and wannabe stand up comedian.

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