Arrange Marriage Will it click? Do we know each other very well to...

Arrange Marriage
Will it click?

Do we know each other very well to get married ?

Is she/he the right person with whom I can spend my whole life with?
There are lot more questions when we start our search for Jeevansathi (If I may say so). The questions remains fairly unanswered and there is never a 100% confirmation or satisfaction that this is the right.
Then we all take the leap of faith that, lets do this because this is the need of the hour and then we will see once its done. But then still what are those questions/things that we should check/see before taking that HUGEEEE Leap of Faith.
Does she compliment you? In your lifestyle, in your style of thinking. In your way of living life. The other person, does she inspires/motivates you.. because only if that happens you willl always Look up to that person and always respects you. This helps if two people from different profession get married. And if two person from same profession get married, they need to not be comparative, and cut each other.
The question is not if you both like the same thing, and get entertained by same means, but can you respect & live when other person does something to entertain himself which you might/might not like. Are you open to that idea. I might not travel to Italy, Spain with you, because I might not like it, but I am comfortable with the fact that you can/want to travel the world like that. I should be able to live with that fact.
The proximity of the relationship: Are you too so deeply and emotionally a involved person as she is. Are you comfortable with the idea of being in a relationship or loving someone and still not spending toooo much time with that person. Because some people unfortunately like mee too wouldnt want to be so much proximity driven but commitment to them, and their dreams driven. I am comfortable without updates/whatsapps/daily calls from other person, as long as I know she is fine and loves me. This creates a whole bunch of issues going forward.
The family/respect the family angle comes when you understand that every human being is different - he is raised differently and might do something similar or different, which you might/might not like, but you can still respect them for who they are. I think thats the most basic thing - if that happens, then other things automatically comes in line.
I am not sure what can be other questions in this regard. If anyone has any specific comment, please share your feedback on the comment section below.

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