I've found, That love can't be expressed in a phra

I've found,
That love can't be expressed in a phrase,
Neither in words,
Nor in poems,
It's just a thought of writers who imagine it to be perfect,
& try to write it's concerns..
But,I've found,
that it is perfectly imperfect.
it's something that's not kinda picture perfect,
but,it's something that makes that picture of life perfect.
It's as imperfect,
As our humanness,
It's a bit quirk,
It's like lighting a match in rainfall..
It has some infinitesimal details,
Like the curls around your smile,
And the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes..
It's not in candle lit meals,
That's just fancy restaurants and stomach,
Or spending night just talking to each other on phone,
It's in spending night in arms of beloved,
Under the open skyfull of stars..
It's a permanent attachment to a temporary person.
And It's good to found a imperfect love,
'Coz that's what you have to make it,
....😍😍your kinda perfect😍😍....

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