#monotonous_life #monotonous_life (life of and for, all) There's a...

#monotonous_life (life of and for, all)
There's a problem with us, we all, We get bored of things early. We can't eat the same food daily, We can't listen the same song daily. we can't work, in the same office, on the same table or desk. We can't go by the same way, the way we go our respective places. (Actually it's not can't, it's don't. We don't. We don't want)
We don't want these things, We don't want to get of the comfort. We want leisure. we want coziness. 
We do a little and want A LOT. If we don't get success early, we feel bad and apply the overused words- IFS & BUTS. we try to save our-self. 
Why? Why we don't want to do things hardly and passionately. we don't have the courage to accept our-self. We don't have the courage to say that "yes, I didn't do well." 
The biggest example, to save our-self from such non-exiting and useless drama, is to learn from THE NATURE.
EARTH doesn't say I won't revolve around the Sun. A TREE doesn't say I won't convert carbon-dioxide into oxygen. The SUN don't say I won't rise again. 
They (All) do their work, silently, without taking anything from us. Then why, we can't. They have no reason but we have reasons. we have desires. we have dreams. We have everything. we just need to do own work. we have to work hard again and again, to our dreams to come true, like nature. We have to go through the difficulties and problems. we have to work like the EARTH, like the WATCH. always tickling !!  We have to do things again and again only then we can get what we want !

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