Dont waste TIME, its precious! 24 Hours | 1440 Minutes | 86400 Sec...

Dont waste TIME, its precious!
24 Hours | 1440 Minutes | 86400 Seconds of time we have in a day.

Considering we spend an approx of 9 Hours a day on - sleeping + eating + other personal things, we are left with just 14 hours.
Considering I am an MBA i.e. I am required to work for 10 Hours (9 hours is average time you spend in office/work place). I am left with 4 hours.

Considering travelling time is forth and back 1.5 hours, I am left with 2.5 hours.

Considering we need to talk to our parents, our Girl friends/boy friends etc, we take out 45 mins from this, I am left with 100 minutes in a day.

100 Minutes in a day is all we have to pursue a hobby, do something that we love, read/watch news, watch TVF's new video, do shopping in case we need to, catch up with friends & drink etc.

Oh, I forgot, if you are a fitness freak 1 hours of exercise.. :|

My question is - when we were in school, we use to come back from School and work on a assignment, read something new, learn something new, follow small small things, but we were still discipline and had an aim to achieve - may be learn something new, get good marks.

Are we lost in corporate crowd of workplace pressure, and finding guys/girls, drinking/chilling? Do we still have that discipline in life, wherein we come back to home and learn something new or ateast have an intention to it ?

Have we simply became reactive in life ? And do not have proactive plan?

By plans I do not mean - buying house, buying car, getting married, no no! I mean are we adding any value to us? Do we have any passion, any goal to achieve and a plan to reach there ?

I feel we waste a lot of time on things, jobs, people, emotions, relations which are not important to you. We do not realise that we all are like time bombs which one day will burst. We do not have all the time in life and our time is limited.

Think of it, on the death bed what should be those things/feelings that you want to die with? Are you chasing them or wasting your time on things not important.

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