A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 2) 'Seenu, you are one lu

A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 2)
'Seenu, you are one lucky guy... That Priya really likes you.!',said Raj to Seenu. Seenu was bowled over. 'Are you sure, Raj?...How do you know?',asked Seenu. 'Well,Sakshi told me... ',answered Raj. 'Ahaan! somebody is talking to Sakshi a lot these days!',teased Seenu. 'Well, to be frank I like her and it seems she likes me too.',said Raj blushingly. Seenu teased him a little more asking when the wedding was!?

Somebody called Raj. They turned around and saw Sakshi. A big smile came upon Raj's face...And he waved at Sakshi. Seenu winked at Raj and left. 'Why did Seenu winked at you?',asked Sakshi. 'He did?!...I don't know...',stammered Raj. 'Yes, he did...What did you tell him?',asked Sakshi suspiciously. Raj thought it was useless to pretend anymore so he said,'I told him I liked you and it seemed you liked me too.'
Sakshi gasped but then she blushed. Raj was all smiles now. 'So I am right...You like me too!', said he. Sakshi grinned and said yes.


Priya, Manaali and Sakshi were talking...'So did you see last night's episode?',asked Manaali. Priya chimed in,'Yeah...it was fantastic! Right,Sakshi??' But Sakshi had a faraway look in her eyes. Priya nudged her and asked,'What are you thinking about?' 'Nothing.',replied Sakshi. 'There is something...What is it...? Tell us.',joined in Manaali. Sakshi couldn't help but smile. 'See! you are smiling without any reason...Tell us what it is!',said Priya. 'Okay...okay! But don't tell anyone... ',said Sakshi. 'Yeah...we won't...Just tell us now.',both Priya and Manaali said in unison. 'Raj likes me!',said Sakshi gleefully.

'Wow!! You lucky girl! Congrats!..',said both Priya and Manaali. Sakshi giggled. #nojotophoto

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