What should be the duty of the Workers? Question

What should be the duty of the Workers?
Question - What should be the duty of the Workers?Answer - Their duty is that each and every union worker should pay close attention to whatever rules that have been established for them, and efficiently fulfill their duty.“Sway sway karmanyabhiratah (Gita 18/45)Motivated by the pride of power in the Union behind him, endowed with hatred, he aspires to cause disadvantage and losses to the organization, this is altogether deplorable. It must be one’s firm conviction to never have such a demeanor. The reason is that their progress is entirely dependent on the progress of the company.If any of our co-workers have any faults, then understand it to be our eternal duty to try to remove it. To try to hide faults or mistakes out of fear of causing harm will lead to the person taking a fall morally and ethically and injustice will spread in the group and the end result will be more harm only. Therefore he who is at fault should never be encouraged.Those who desire material progress must have a determinate aim as to how to see towards the fair material progress of all the people that are working in that organization. Keep this in the forefront and then act. Those who only have the desire of individual and personal material progress, they cannot have a permanent and pleasing material prosperity. This is a rule.One must very carefully, with great caution properly utilize their time. In any company, we devote our time in return for money (paycheck), therefore to work less, and want more money – such a sentiment is very harmful. However much we are getting paid, we must work much more than that, by which our earnings will be purified and eating the food purchased from money that is earned justly, our intellect will be purified. By this increasingly both worldly and spiritual progress will take place. Because every where, the victory will only be of “dharma” (righteousness).The amount of time that we are responsible to work for our companies, during that time period, one must be extremely cautious that no time is wasted in harming relationships, worldly and bodily matters, and wasting time in doing work that is not necessary and being lazy.An employee’s duty is to pay great attention to the means of progress of the organization. Have the best of behaviour with the customers (users), produce goods (deliverables) with utmost purity and if any of the goods of the company are getting used anywhere at all, then keep them carefully like you would care for your own things. Alongside, aspire to respectfully obey the commands of the administrator’s of the organization.

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