POETRICA #justiceforasifa She didn't yearn for a

POETRICA #justiceforasifa

She didn't yearn for a smart phone,
But a toy-phone with ringtones.
She didn't crave a diamond ring,
But a ring made of chips.
She didn't demand a branded watch,
But loved to hear the pendulum.
She didn't want expensive make-ups,
But loved to put singars.
She never urged to play bowling,
But loved to play with mud.
She didn't crave ride in a roller coaster,
But loved to sit on a see-saw.
She didn't want the molody of a guitar,
But loved to hear the cuckoos.
She didn't know anger,
But cried in disappointment.
She didn't want to see a marvel's film,
But loved to see the cartoons.
She never demanded a wheel chair,
But loved a nap in her mother's lap.
She used to play with her tiny doll,
Yes she loved to make a paper ball.
She used to enjoy the barbie song,
Yes everyone knew that she was too young.
She was an innocent little girl,
Still got a long way to shine like a pearl.
She had got some small beautiful dreams,
But she was also afraid of the dreadful screams.
She was a girl with a million dollar smile,
Untill she knew this world would make it fragile.
She went to a sacred place,
With a hope to get a bless.
But what happened with her was none of her choices,
She was surrounded by all those bloody voices.
She was torn apart,used and even burried on the street.
O hellish people, your work, even hell can't greet.
She was just 8 years,
Oh justice what will be that for her?
They will be hanged at the outmost? Right?
But, can you please bring her once more......
Back to my sight?
I request......please....
Can you......?

It's not an agony,
But a nostalgia shaded on my eyes.

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