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"Can you write a story about a woman and a vampire with a surprising climax in the end? This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers Read the answer below"

Can you write a story about a woman and a vampire with a surprising climax in the end?

This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers

Read the answer below

Can you write a story about a woman and a vampire with a surprising climax in the end? This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers Read the answer below




I am Ashley Tisdale. And this is my story-

It started when I saw that stupid vampire movie of Robert Pattinson, my crush.

I have too much shit to deal with anyway. I had a pretty sad life which is why I would like to put on a smiley face always. I was in a car accident where my parents died. I currently live with a nice lady sent by government to be my interim guradian.

I got a lot of sympathy because of that and I was not complaining since it helped me to start a conversation with new people in highschool which was tough for anyone in the first place.

I was starting to feel normal more and more. It definitely helped by the fact that our new history teacher, Mr Bate was so cute and handsome. All the girls were crushing on him.

I knew big Max sitting behind me also crushing on me. But I didn't give him any attention. I know that I am sounding like a cliche shallow teeanger. But end of the days I am one. And big Max was gross.

I was just another normal girl hanging out with my friends. We were crazy fan of Robert Pattinson. We created a Facebook page named, "Pattinson bitches". Ha, ha, we are a fanatic group. We saw his vampire movie on the first day on the first show. As I said before it was terrible movie but we didn't care.

Next day in Mr Bate's class-

"So Roman Empire started........."

I wasn't listening to Mr Bate, something else was on my mind seeing Mr Bate's cute butt. I was thinking about all kinds of inappropriate thought. Role playing was involved. I was imagining Mr Bate as vampire and he was sucking my blood from my neck. Suddenly, I saw Mr Bate's facial expressions changed. He almost looked at me with anger.

"Ashley, are you listening to me? Where is your attention? Stop whatever you are thinking and concentrate on class. Your grade is depending on it"

I was little taken aback by his sudden attention towards me out of all the other girls. Because I am pretty sure other girl's mind was also not in this class.

When the class was over. Mr Bate asked me to come to him, "Ashley, I am noticing that your grade is falling in steady rate. In this rate you won't be able to progress to the next level. What happened to you, Ashley? You used to be a good student. I know about your parents. But you need to live your life. You can't let one terrible disaster define your life. Think about your future"

My head was down from all the scolding from my crush. I was little heart broken.

Anyway I was talking with my friends about my scolding from Mr Bate. They were making fun of me saying, "Ooh! She got a scolding. How cute! Wish it was us"

We were standing in the upper balcony. And I saw Mr Bate was getting into his car. Suddenly, I saw Mr Bate looked behind and up and directly towards me.

My heart jumped up with unknown fear. Suddenly, I saw a little smirk on Mr Bate's face. And he left driving in his car. That smirk scared the shit out of me. It almost as if he knew that I was looking at him from the behind. That smirk also seemed to me more meaningful and mysterious than I could ever figure it out.

Suddenly, I was feeling more than just simple school girl crush towards Mr Bate. Some unknown fear was added to it.

I asked to my friends, "Does anyone know where Mr Bate live?"

They made even more fun of me by saying, "Why? Are you going to stalk him? Ha, ha. We love it. We are in"

One week later infront of Mr Bate's house in night time-

One of my girlfriend said, "I heard he broke up with his girlfriend recently. Must be sad. Ooh! So cute. If I get lucky with him, I will make sure that he never remembers his ex anymore. Ha, ha"

Another one said, "You are such slut!"

I saw light from one of his windows. I said, "Are any of you finding this as little creepy?"

"Of course. It is creepy, Ash. We are basically stalking our gorgeous history teacher. It is nothing but creepy. And we don't care. Ha, ha"

Suddenly, we saw Mr Bate came out from his garage in his car. And he went somewhere.

"Is he going on a date?"

"Must be. A single guy on Saturday night!"

We saw a big tree very close to one of the window of upper floor. And window wasn't shut. We decided to enter his house from there.

As you can understand that we were little drunk all this while. One of my girlfriend brought alcohol with a fake id. And we decided to do this stupid daring act after getting drunk.

As expected house was very neat and clean.

"I am already in love with Mr Bate seeing how clean he is" one of my girlfriend said.

A lot of old statue and souvenir and photos were framed on the wall.

"Wow! I didn't know that Mr Bate went to so many places"

I said, "How do we know? We don't know anything about him beyond a handsome history teacher"

I noticed that he didn't have any family portrait or photo. One of my girlfriend was smelling his clothes from the closet.

"You are a real crazy stalker, Tammy"

"Shut up, Kendra"

Suddenly, I heard a sound. It sounded like pain cry in a very low pitch voice.

I said, "Did you hear that sound? Where is it coming from?"

Kendra said, "I think it is coming from that door. OMG. Is Mr Bate a serial killer? That looks like a basement door. We all have seen movies!"

I opened the door. Suddenly, I heard a noise in garage.

Kendra said, "OMG. Mr Bate come back"

Suddenly, we saw a shadow in the house. And we screamed.

Mr Bate came running.

"What are you girls doing in my house? Are you all drunk? Should I call police?"

We begged him not to do that.

Mr Bate decided to pardon us but gave us punishment with huge amount of homework.

We were pretty depressed with lame outcome of our little adventure.

Next night-

I was sleeping in my bed and thinking about our stupid adventure in previous night. Suddenly, one thing struck me that shocked the hell out of me, I remembered Mr Bate's feet wasn't on the floor. He was standing in the air slightly above the floor, it was too little to notice by my heavily drunk girlfriends.

Suddenly, I heard someone was saying my name in very creepy low pitch voice.

I was paralyzed with fear. I somehow managed to move myself to my window to see outside. And I saw Mr Bate was standing in the mid air with a creepy smile on his face.

I lost all consciousness.

When I woke up by alarm. I saw it was already too late. I was feeling more relieved in the morning. Everything seemed a distant dream. I quickly prepared myself and went to school.

Mr Bate didn't come to school. But that didn't concern me. But when I found Tammy and Kendra absent, I felt an uncomfortable pain in my stomach. This was weird because they were never absent. I called them but none picked up. I went to their home found myself with new found shock. Both of them were hospitalized as they were in coma. Both of them were found like that in their bed.

I realised that incident with Mr Bate was something to do with that. I had no illusions that Mr Bate wasn't what he seemed from outside.

Doctor told us that both of them were in some kind of comatose sleep and they had no idea about the cause.

Next day-

Mr Bate was absent. I quickly went to principal and asked about Mr Bate and learnt that Mr Bate resigned. Principal was dumbfounded with sudden resignation from Mr Bate. He mentioned that Mr Bate had to move to a different city due to personal reasons.

Mr Bate's house was sold.

I googled and Facebooked Mr Bate. He seemed very normal. All the posts were boring. Pretty much all those pictures of Mr Bate in different parts of the world. Some of them with his ex girlfriend. Very cute. But I couldn't find much about Mr Bate's previous address. He seemed like an invisible entity suddenly drop down to our school out of nowhere as charismatic history teacher.

I went to see Mr Bate's ex but she didn't want to talk to me then after a lot of requests, she said that Mr Bate was reluctant to physical intimacy as a result she dumped him. Otherwise Mr Bate was perfect gentleman. She warned me not to bother her again.

I went to Mr Bate's previous address but found it to be completely fake.

I reverse searched Mr Bate's photo in Google. I didn't get any results. After a lot of effort and trying with different pictures from Facebook. I found one in Nepal in Himalayan mountains with a Sherpa. I only found that picture because that Sherpa uploaded that photo.

I quickly contacted that Sherpa. Communication was little bad. This was what I found out- that Sherpa was dead a long time ago. I was talking to his grandson. Those photos were posted by his grandson as his grandfather's memoir. I talked to his old father who were at that point only a teenager. He went with his father in every journey. He told me after looking at the photos that gentleman's name was probably Bob Murphy and he didn't know anything beyond that.

I again searched Bob Murphy but got no desired results. I was disappointed and was willing to give up. Suddenly, I remember he said probably Bob Murphy. So I started to search similar type of name. It took a whole week to figure out. At the end, I got a match in the name of Ben Murphy. He seemed to be a hippy type from 1970s. I got an address.

It was Mr Murphy's family alright. I found out from them about Mr Murphy's mysterious disappearance. His family didn't seem to care much since he was a weird hippy and not popular among them.

I was again disappointed. I was asking myself, "What exactly am I trying to find here? Mr Bate or Murphy didn't seem to me a normal individual. There's some weird scary supernatural things about him. Maybe it's better that he stays hidden. We don't need any such fate of my poor girlfriends. I need to move on. Let's again start a new life"

I was walking slowly towards train station with sadness and heavy heart. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice, "You are a stubborn girl, you know, it's very hard to handle you"

I looked behind and I saw Mr Bate was standing behind me smiling.

I was about to scream with fear. And I suddenly found myself flying carried by Mr Bate. I was going over the clouds. I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up I found myself in a cemetery. Before I said anything, Mr Bate said with a smile, "Relax, Sonia. Relax. I am not going to harm you. Infact I can't even if I try"

I said with tremendous fear, "Wh....aaat?!?"

"Look at that writing, Sonia"

I saw a writing on a stone- Sonia Saldanha. Born in 1826. Death in 1842.

"Can you guess whose is it?"

"I don't understand"

"You are Sonia Saldanha. You bit me in 1978 in one evening. You created me, Sonia. You were tired with Vampire life. Unlike in movies, we are not some crazy monsters, we are different species with corrupted DNA, we are more evolved as well, we liked to stay hidden. And we are comfortable with it. Two years ago, you asked me to create a fake story with a fake identity. You deleted your memory and your abilities with an ancient artefact that you were looking for a long time. And you found that two years ago. Your parents didn't die because of an accident. That's a fake story. I hired that nice lady to be your guradian. Everything is your wealth. Drink my blood and everything will become clear"


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