I saw a leaf waving at me, I waved back at him, th

I saw a leaf waving at me, I waved back at him, thats how we became wave friends, since then we were waving at each other everyday we met, the flower of the leaf was always jealous of me, I could smell its sweet jealousy till here, they used to argue with each other all the time, may be I was the cause of their conflicts, the flower was light pale but soon turned red with rage, and i could see her colour changing. Once I saw a tear on leaf's face, I wondered what had happened even the day was cold and sad,as if accompanying the leaf, I saw the flower in silence, she was drooping as if she had lost all hope, she started to destroy herself soon, daily killing herself, shedding herself, getting weaker inside and losing herself outside, soon she lost her last essence, now her bare heart could clearly be seen but with no life..
The air is still, And no more waving between us, the atmosphere chilly at the flower's death, and all I see now everyday is a tear on the leaf's face that falls down
slowly on the ground, where lies the remains of the flowers burried covered under the dust of time, which had eventually stopped but for leaf alone.

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