People use Google Earth for various purposes: in order to view satellite images, different maps and terrains, but also 3D buildings, oceans as well as galaxies in outer space. But, have you ever noticed that certain places on Google Earth are completely of limits for the society? Namely, all around the planet Earth, there are ‘secret bases’ that are not edited and are blacked out with purpose with intention to hide whatever is there.Many people would like to find out what are those various ‘censored’ places on Google Maps? Maybe they simply are top secret military bases that belong to different governments around the globe. But, what if those places are much more than military bases? What is the reason so they are censored from Google Maps? What actually is Google trying to hide from the ordinary people?
Well, it seems that as far as it concerns Google, we simply will never find out.
There are numerous places on Google Earth that are edited for special purpose. It seems that the purpose is to prevent users from seeing whatever it is down there. In fact, that is global cover-up and is present all around the earth, in some specific places.
That is something that most people call “global cover-up” and is present all around the globe.
In addition to that, some places including Area 51 are not covered on Google. Some individuals are wondering if is possible that there are secret facilities that are even more secretive than the famous Area 51? Well, there are many other interesting questions: what if these ‘secret bases’ actually do not belong to any government? What if some of these bases do not belong to our – human race?
Below you can watch one interesting video, posted on YouTube by Dark5 that shows five absorbing top secret locations. Namely, these locations have been edited and blacked out in order to cover up and hide something that is there.
But, what could be going on at these sites? What is so much important so Google decided to hide it from the general public? It seems that there are many places on Google that are restricted and erased from satellite images and that makes up to wonder: what else is out there kept away from the general public?

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