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Since childhood he is curious and dedicated to get the knowledge of anything,he found around.He, sometimes, does mischievous activities & I like him doing all those things as that filled me up with overwhelming love. I forcefully wake myself up early to see him passing by the street holding bag and hanging water bottle on his neck. Someday, somehow I manage to watch him eating without being come in his notice.I manage to see him suspiciously from my room's window while he's completing his homework. That pencil is about to give up but not he. Ending my story by putting the blanket over him to kissing him on his forehead. Letting myself going deep into the dreams and then finding the same story reiterating all the night. My child, once lived with me now on the outskirts of Indo-pak border.Being shot by 13 bullets and still holding a AK-47,triggering up all his bullets so that he could left no Infiltrator out there live. The new morning is now hoping to be happened as same as the few mornings that had been passed away, but you all know change is the character of time. Passing itself its characteristic.
For our freedom
He took the #martyrdom
And his mother choose
To be the one
Who alone can earn
burn up her hearth
and cook her family bun

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