Mirror Alphoppbet Poetry [Mirror Alph(opposite)be

Mirror Alphoppbet Poetry
[Mirror Alph(opposite)bet poetry]
(Invented Poetry form)

- Every line's 1st Word starts with the Alphabet chosen

How to form the Mirror Alphoppbet poetry:-

🔸1. Title [ A - Z ] any one alphabet.
🔸2 - Line 1 ▪one word
🔸3 - Line 2 ▪ two words
🔸4 - Line 3 ▪ three words
🔸5 - Line 4 ▪ four words
🔸6 - Line 5 ▪five words Mirror effect of the first line i.e opposite from the subject.

⚠Note- First Word of each line will start from the alphabet you have chosen.

🔲 No restrictions just go Creative.
🔲 Rhyming or non- Rhyming.
🔲 Humour/Sombre

◾Invented by Laughing Soul with the help of Mrunaal Gawhande in framing it.
▪All rights reserved.

◼ Use the hashtag #Alphopp
To let others discover you.
▪ Tag @laughing_soul

◼Example of the poetry form is given in the post
▪Please copy caption so that Other can learn it from you.

⚫What are you waiting for?
Lets get creative :)
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#Nojoto #Nojotohindi #NojotoPhoto

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