Over 75% of people in India still watches porn eve

Over 75% of people in India still watches porn even
after jts ban.
But the question is Should it really be banned?
think not.
People have mistaken that only "porn watching"
causes rape cases, eve teasing and other sexual
crimes but this is not entirely true. Many other facts
are also behind this.Now a days people always follow what is bad. I don't
restrict anyone to watch porn. It's common in today's
growing world. Everyone watches porn videos. We
can't stop them from doing that but.... While
watching such things we must have control on our
behavior or else it will be difficult for us get out of it.
We must take care that our behavior must not
change into a pornstars behaviour. For your bad
behavior you can also lose the favourite person of
your life. Just control yourself where it is needed.
It all begins with 'curiosity, when you see your
mates blabbering things which are beyond your
understanding; leaving you with no choice but to
google the terms revolving around your head,
making your brain drown in curiosity. Your thumbs,
tapping on a 6 inch screen, exploring answers to the
very questions, that you finally end up on a bizarre
link, making your eyes wide open -triggering up your
curiosity, your thumbs tapping on the screen,
waiting for the clip to play through your eyes; your
lungs getting excited exhaling fears, that you feel
your hands getting colder than ever, your heart
booms as you start watching the clip inch by inch,
confused with the images moving on screen, naked
bodies doing their thang; releasing dopamine off
your heads, making that lil stick between your
thighs grow into a 'big fat wood'; with every moan
coming out of the clip, with every breath your
meatball licks throws your conscience off the
peak, puking glee deep inside your trousers, and
ahh! that feels good, doesn't it?
The 'dopamine rush puts your stress into a deep
stasis, where you no longer care about your
problems, the people around you, friends, family are
gonna be history; a few hours later, your brain starts
starving lust over and over again, you are gonna be
driven by these thoughts; putting your conscience in
a naked world, that you find yourselves watching
porn again- hiking up the dosage of dopamine in
your head, fapping and fapping, wanking off your
meatball like a goddamn creep, sniffing in the
intoxicant from a 6 inch screen, ejaculating stress
all over your belly; ahh there you go 'atta boy'- you
have successfully dismantled your 'conscience' out
of your damn head; you are now sailing to the 'land
of perverts' my friend, your thoughts no longer
remain pure, your eyes are painted with lust of high
grade, you no longer see women through the 'veil of
dignity; but rather start staring at her body,
measuring her beauty by 'figures of zeroes' till your
filthy lil mouths water lust down beneath the pants.
What the fuck are you doing?; you are still on that 6
inch screen watching filth for hours; feeding and
feeding, making your dopamine receptors barely
sensible to pleasure that you dive into deeper
categories of porn, exposing your eyes to something
worse, something more violent, something which
isn't 'sex, but rather 'rape' just to reach that freaking
point of 'high, pushing your brain to the 'point of no
return'; dropping down the energy in your body: 'brain
fog' taking over your lives; trimming down your IQ,
making your life miserable, that you start figuring
out the effects of'porn'; when your brain can no
longer focus on career.

So, what now?
your brain decides to end this nightmare, but the
beast inside you craves for lust, turning you into a
puppet of perv, having no control over your urges
that you finally fall into a conclusion; marriage, the
dumbest idea your brain's gonna dig. But my friend,
this will just worsen the situation, for you've been
feeding your brain, every single day, the pleasure
which never exists in the real world. Your wife will
never ever be able to quench the beast burning
inside you; turning your relationship into fragments
of hellfire'.
You can do this, my friend, you can quit this
addiction, start with baby steps, challenge
yourselves to go without porn for a week; I know this
is going to be a difficult task, but trust me, you will
notice a change in your brain within a week; by this
time, your urges will raise to it's peak, making you
feel the need to get 'high, keep yourselves busy my
friend, lower your gaze at things which triggers your
desires, for this is the only way out my friend, don't
lose hope, you can do this; for i believe in you.

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