[ Read The Caption] . I am clad in a lie and want

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I am clad in a lie and want to take it out desperately but that won't help me because I am besieged by lies. No am not only talking about people but the nature as well.
Because like people, the nature too please me, attract me to love it and to hate it the other moment for creating troubles and to leave me alone fighting my own self, fighting the world to take a stand and survive.
And now the muddle is between the mind and the heart all over again. One suggesting me to start loving the lie I am wrapped with because it will help me to live peacefully with lots of people supporting me (strangely) and the other one is pleading to tear out it because truth may hurt me and others too but the battles being fought inside me against my own thoughts may sign a treaty and I can live more peacefully not from outside but may be from inside.
© Harshita Agarwal 2018

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