Surprise. I am a forgetful person. I forget faces

I am a forgetful person. I forget faces easily and don't get me started about names. If we don't meet daily, chances are that you have to introduce yourself every time we meet. I want to say something more about me but I don't remember exactly what.

It was a busy day at work. I am tired. So I am going to order pizza and watch some TV before I go to bed.
Somebody is at the door. 'Who could it be?' I haven't invited anyone as far as I remember. But you know I am a forgetful person. I may have invited a friend after all. I open the door and there is a cabbie. 'Your cab is here,ma'am.' Err..That's strange. I don't remember ordering a cab. But then again I can't boast about my memory. 'Are you ready,ma'am?' Err...'I don't think I have ordered a cab.' The cabbie looks at me with surprise. ' You had ordered a cab yesterday. I was supposed to pick you up at 8 tonight and drive you to 36,Gulmahor Park.' 'Am I supposed to be somewhere..err..36,Gulmahor Park?' 'Has someone been waiting for me there?' I think I should go and check. I have missed many a functions because of my forgetfulness. I can't let my memory fail me again. So I got ready and went in the cab.

The cabbie dropped me at 36,Gulmahor Park and left. I don't recognize this place. It's getting dark and I am all alone. There is nobody waiting for me. There is an eerie silence around me. I think I should leave this place and head home. I turn to leave and there is a loud bang. I am paralysed with fear.

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