Biggest problem of INDIA (CAPTION) India is a mult

"Biggest problem of INDIA (CAPTION)"

Biggest problem of INDIA

Biggest problem of INDIA (CAPTION)

India is a multireligional country, which means people of every religion live here whether it is a hindu or muslim, sikh or  any other religion.
Actually biggest disaster for the country is its "multireligional". I mean why? why to call it multireligional not indian? If people of different religion stay together then why they are not called "Indians?" Why they are divided in the name of religion?
I am not trying to say that India people are not Indian but the point here is that division of India comes when it is called of different diversities or different religion. If different diversities are living in same country then why it is not called only Indian.
Today most of the difference among people is only because of religion.We should respect every religion but we should not divide it because division leads to crime.
Why every person is known by its religion that "he is hindu" "she is muslim". If we are living together in same country then it shouldn't be hindu or muslim, it should be Indian only Indian.
A lot of problems will get solved when muslim,hindu,sikh,christian will be called only indian not multireligional.
Another point is the division of religion and caste has removed the humanity tag. A person is judged and known by his religion not by human nature.
We should understand that GOD is one and God is not different, God is neither muslim nor hindu. God is God, it is not Allah or Ram.
So i conclude that INDIA is INDIANS country not MULTIRELIGIONAL country.

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