How to do pull up properly - This is how you can

How to do pull up properly -

This is how you can do pull up successfully :

This is very good question and a very common problem, I have seen guys with very good otherwise exercise capabilities sucks in pull up, whereas some skinny girl may come in front of you, get away with doing pull up easily. Don't be embarrassed, guys, okay. I am going to give you many solutions, you can try whichever you like or could try all of them.

[Solution no 1]

Test your grip strength first. Just hang on to those pull up bar as long as you until you can't anymore and time it with stop watch. Count that as first set. Continue to do it like this —

5–10 X Hangs to fail

As you get more hang on to things try to beat the clock.

If your grip isn't strong enough, wrap your thumb under the bar instead.

[Solution 2]

You can try pulling up with close hand grip instead of wide hand grips which is harder to do for a novice person.

[Solution 3]

Instead of trying to do chin up, you can do chest under the bar, because while doing that you are making sure your whole upper back is contracted into the middle. This makes sure that you not only using only the arm muscle but also the back muscles. So that means less stress on those arm muscles.

[Solution 4]

You can use a elastic box (chair or stool can work too) to pull up as a support to your legs.

You have to do > 10–12 reps or fail on every sets, rest for 60 - 90 seconds between the sets, 3 sets minimum. As you get more used to this, try using legs less and less and also concentrate on the downward negative pull up slowly without taking the support from the box. Do six sets like this to failure.

You can also do ‘chest under the pull up bar’ pull up using the same elastic box.

Once you get used to this, start doing pull up without any support. Remember after how many reps you are failing and take 15 seconds rest after each failure and start doing pull up again and try to push through your previous failure and let your pull up muscle know that it can't give up and will push through. Once you can do more than 10 reps, it's time to use weight for pull up.

Weight is very essential for pull up muscle as it makes the muscles very strong and after this when you do the pull up without the weight, you can do it very easily.

[Solution 5]

Or you can do 50 pull up in a day. Once you failed, you can take 10 - 20–30 seconds or one minute rest or as much as you want, even if that means you have to do one pull up in a set. As long as you don't drift away from your target of 50 pull up. This will help build your pull up muscles strong and stamina.

[Solution 6]

You can do pull up using elastic bands.

[Solution 7]

To make the pull up muscles stronger, do this following mentioned two exercises as much as to make you comfortably to do pull up.

1.Lateral pull down

2. Stable Y raise

Remember before you do any reps, you should first stabilize and contraction between your shoulder blades.

[Solution 8]

Another option is core exercise. If you are a novice person at this, just do cardio like running etc and do all the abs exercise

This exercise will make your core stronger, as your core muscles get stronger and stronger with each passing time, you will see the difference in your pull up too. That is because your core muscle will start to share the stress from your back and arm muscles, hence making the whole process easier.

You must remember that you can collect a few items for your pull up preparation for your home, (a) elastic resistance band

(b) weight belt

(c) pull up bar for home

(d) pull up grip straps

Now I don't care if I don't have the best grips for pull up, I don't want to fail because of my grip, I would rather fail because of my pull up back muscles. Grip straps definitely makes things easier.

Guys, you can build your body without doing any pull up but it won't be easy, in fact in my opinion pull up is the most important gym work out and also the most difficult one if you can't do it from the beginning. Pull up helps you do a lot of other exercises and very interconnected with a lot of other exercises. So you must be able to do it rightly.

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