Himanshu Verma Fraudster arrested for sanctioning

Himanshu Verma Fraudster arrested for sanctioning a Fake Loan

These days’ people are into taking loans from different companies. They try to opt for something which offers them with less interest rate with more significant benefits. Gurinder Singh, a resident of Kurukshetra, needed some money for constructing his house. He thought of visiting the bank and getting a loan, but when enquired for the same, the bank loan interest rates were very high. So he opted for the online method.
He visited a site where the loan was offered at low prices. The owner of that private company was Himanshu Verma. Gurinder Singh checked the reviews and the social accounts of that company and decided to take a loan from them. He called the office to get the details. He was satisfied with the information provided by the company’s staff to him. He told the company’s executive to call him in the evening for the formalities. A girl Sonam called Gurinder Singh and asked for the documents through WhatsApp. Gurinder Singh sent her everything. After acceptance of papers, he was asked to pay Rs. 38790 as an amount for formality for sanctioning a loan. He was given with an account number, and Gurinder Singh forwarded Rs 30000 to that particular account.
When the amount was transferred, Gurinder called Sonam to enquire about it, but the phone was immediately off. He tried it many times but all in vain. He then called customer care as he was already in need of money and this is another loss of 30000 rupees. He was worrying hell and when asking the customer care, he was responded that it takes time to proceed for the process. Please be patient.
After three days he filed a complaint against Himanshu Verma Fraud who was running this loan company. Police of Kurukshetra helped Gurinder Singh for getting his money back, and Himanshu Verma paid him 20000 more as compensation and a case have been registered against his fake company. Till then, he is arrested for further investigation.

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