Book Review: The Hard Thing about Hard Things I

Book Review: The Hard Thing about Hard Things

I recently read this book #HardThingsAboutHardThings by #BenHorowitz  - It took me quite sometime to finish the book, not because I had lack of time or the book was too long, but because of the depth of the book. 
I kept on reading what all he goes through, and kept on connecting to my days in DEN Snapdeal TV-Shop (JV between Snapdeal & DEN), a business where I joined as Marketing lead before it began and what all it went through before I decided to quit & start Nojoto. 
I guess its easy to decide to start a business, and honestly sounds pretty fun at the beginning, but few things like constant Focus on the goal, pressure from Team + Investor + Seller and of course consumer is too much that people break apart. 
Ben Horrowitz is brutally honest about what he's been through in the book and poured all his heart and that's what makes the book interesting, and at times keeps you thinking - what I would have done, had I been in his place. 
I guess, the thing is not tech, not marketing, not sales or any other skillsket or a expertise makes a CEO great, but the constant hunger to improve & move ahead irrespective of failures. 
I strongly recommend this book to first time, second time or any one who has an interest in building a #Business or understanding how stuff is run. 

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